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What are the sputtering processes

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  Sputtering coating is a new surface treatment technology developed recently. Surface treatment technology can improve the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of materials, and sputtering coating than the previous vacuum coating with "high speed, low temperature" two notable features.
  Target shapes: plate, disc, rectangle, square, ring, rod, step disc, step rectangle, triangle, tubular target, set target, etc. or customized according to customer requirements, can be provided according to the drawings of customer requirements processing, and can provide some target binding services for customers.
  Reference size: diameter less than 3556mm (14 inches), length less than 1000mm, width less than 200mm, thickness less than 20mm
  What are the sputtering processes?
  Sputtering technology is mainly used in two aspects: sputtering etching and film deposition.
  When the film is deposited, the sputtering source is placed at the target pole and sputtered by argon ion bombardment. If the target material is monomer, the monomer film of the target material is formed on the substrate. If the reactive gas is consciously introduced into the sputtering chamber to react with the sputtered target atoms and deposit on the substrate, the compound film of the target material can be formed. Generally, the compound or alloy film is made from the compound. Or alloy targets are directly sputtered.
  When sputtering is etched, the etched material is placed at the target pole position and is etched by argon ion bombardment. The etching rate is related to the sputtering yield, ion current density and vacuum of the sputtering chamber. During sputtering etching, the target pole atoms should be removed from the sputtering chamber as far as possible. The usual method is to introduce reactive gases to react with sputtered target atoms to form volatile gases, which are discharged from the sputtering chamber through a vacuum system.
  Which is good for sputtering target manufacturers?
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