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The cake he made is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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  A key technology to break the monopoly of foreign companies, a piece of metal cake worth tens of thousands of dollars, a product that can affect 10 million cars, 10 million mobile phones, a strategic industry related to national security, a 12-year entrepreneurial legend rooted in Yongcheng... These are the key accounts of Jiangfeng electronics in Ningbo. Yao Lijun, chairman of Jiangfeng Electronics and an expert on the "Thousand People Program" of the state, jokingly called himself "a cake maker" and made a cake called "sputtering target materials for VLSI manufacturing".
  A technology to break the monopoly of foreign companies
  In recent two years, Yao Lijun often receives young people from all over the world to learn and learn from others. Because, the mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products on the market will use Jiangfeng Electronics products - "VLSI manufacturing sputtering target materials".
  In the exhibition hall of Jiangfeng Electronics, the reporter saw a high-purity sputtering target, which looks like a "big cake" with a diameter of 20 cm to 60 cm, and its raw materials are aluminum, copper, titanium and other metal materials.
  "This is a super high purity titanium target." Yuan Haijun, director of Jiangfeng Electronics Technology Center, pointed to a "metal cake" and said, "It consists of two parts. The gray one above is a high-purity titanium crystal, and the tray below is a super-strong aluminum alloy. In the process of chip production, different targets interact with each other, metal atoms are sputtered on the chip layer by layer, and then they are cut into nanometer metal wires by special technology. The information transmission of chips depends entirely on these metal wires, so there is no chip without metal targets. "
  At present, only a few enterprises in the world can produce high purity sputtering target materials, and Jiangfeng Electronics is the only Chinese enterprise. Before Yao Lijun returned to the country, the technology was monopolized by Japanese and American companies. Until the end of 2005, Jiangfeng Electronics successfully manufactured the first domestic target, changing the pattern of target manufacturing in the world, thus ending the history of China's total dependence on imports in the field of high purity sputtering target.
  Today, Jiangfeng electronic products have entered the mainstream market in the world. At present, the sales of products have covered customers in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions. More than 100 chip factories around the world are using the target of Jiangfeng electronics. Up to now, the company has 210 authorized patents, including 162 invention patents. The products were awarded the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Major Special Outstanding Contribution Award, the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award, the National Strategic Innovative Products, the "China Semiconductor Innovative Products and Technology Award" and other honors.
  Nevertheless, Jiangfeng Electronics has only 0.44% international market share in the high-purity sputtering target industry, 1.87% domestic market share and 6.98% domestic semiconductor market share. The main business revenue of the company has reached an average annual compound growth rate of 34.01% over the past 2014-2016 years. Target English is called Target, meaning target. Jiang Feng's goal is to become a target manufacturer of the top three countries in the world.
  The most pure metal that human beings can get
  Why is Jiangfeng electronics the only way to produce this product in China? Where is its manufacturing difficulty?
  The answer is purity! There are many glittering things on the wafer used for cutting chips. These flashes will appear "under the magnifying glass" - dense metal wires. Thousands of chips can be cut on a nail-sized wafer, each containing tens of thousands of meters of metal wire, which is thinner than a thousandth of the diameter of the hair. The purity of metal targets is highly desirable.
  The purity of ordinary metals is usually only 99.8%, while the purity of sputtering targets is usually as high as 99.999%. "This is the most pure metal that human beings can get." Yao Lijun said, "because the metal is too pure, the metal becomes very soft. Under certain conditions, it can even be cut out with paper. "
  Therefore, an important step in producing target materials is calendering. This is not a simple process of turning a thick cake into a pancake, but by repeatedly deforming in a specific direction to control the microstructure of the metal, which determines the reliability and stability of the target process. The pressure and temperature of each calender are calculated by thousands of experiments by the Yao Lijun team.
  In welding metal target to metal base tray, Jiangfeng Electronics most expensive single equipment - hot isostatic pressing machine, the equipment costs tens of millions of dollars.
  Tantalum, titanium, copper and other metals will undergo "baptism" of several hundred degrees Celsius and pressure above 1000 atmospheres in a hot isostatic press, thus realizing large area welding. The whole process takes nearly 24 hours.
  "This is the world's top metal welding technology, it uses high temperature and high pressure, so that the metal contact surface of the atoms on the'seamless Connection'without any solder. In the past, this high-end welding needed to be sent to a Japanese company to do the OEM, and the processing cost was 450,000 yuan per furnace. Yuan said it took them four years to design and develop the high-end equipment with domestic equipment manufacturers. This process alone can save millions of dollars a year and shorten the processing cycle from one month to three days. In Jiangfeng, key equipment such as sputtering target fabrication process and similar hot isostatic pressing machine are independently developed and designed.
  Yao Lijun said: "the chip conductor is nanometer level, and the distance between the wire and the wire is very small. A piece of dust that we can't see with the naked eye falls into the chip, like a mountain on a high-speed rail track, linking dozens of wires to make the whole chip scrap.
  At the same time, a target can sputter 8,000 to 10,000 wafers, and 8,000 to 10,000 wafers, and each wafer can cut more than 1,000 chips. So any defective target could affect 10 million cars, or 10 million mobile phones.
  Therefore, any unqualified target will cause a devastating blow to the enterprise. "That's why only a few companies around the world can produce sputtering targets." Yao Lijun said.
  A 12 year old entrepreneurial legend rooted in Yongcheng
  Today, Jiangfeng Electronics has become the most representative high-tech enterprises in Ningbo, and landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on June 15 this year.
  But when the time came back to 12 years ago, Yao and his team went through little-known hardships. So Huang Hongzhen, director of Yuyao Economic and Information Bureau, said of Jiang Feng only one sentence: "Yao Lijun, they are not easy!"
  In the summer of 2005, Yao Lijun, a doctor of duplex degree from Harbin University of Technology and Hiroshima University of Japan, resigned as president of the Greater China Division of Honeywell Electronics and Materials, returned to China with equipment from 20 containers and a bulk carrier, and founded Ning in Yuyao with two returneen doctors and six Japanese employees. Bo Jiangfeng electronic material Limited by Share Ltd.
  "When we first returned home, we met with many difficulties, the original savings have bought equipment, lack of funds and no factory buildings." "Thanks to the help of Yuyao Municipal Government and relevant departments, we have solved the factory building problem and raised millions of dollars," Yao said.
  At the end of 2005, Yao Li-jun went to visit the world's major enterprises with the first domestic target, hoping to give them a trial opportunity of their products.
  "Because the target is the key material for chip manufacturing, no chip manufacturer is willing to take the risk. So many international big companies have heard that products are made in China, and even the chance of trial is not given. Yao Lijun said.
  The leak happened overnight. In 2008, Jiangfeng's monthly sales dropped sharply to 80,000 Yuan due to the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis. That winter, the company could not even pay wages, and Yao Lijun was heavily in debt, under the name of the arrears as high as tens of millions of dollars.
  "But no matter what kind of difficulties and setbacks, the company's research and development has not stopped for a moment, the core members of the team did not leave. Therefore, I often say that Jiangfeng Electronics achieved every success, are inseparable from the joint efforts of this insistence. Yao Lijun said.
  After the financial crisis, Jiangfeng Electronics slowly out of the trough, a large number of products began to export to the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea and other places, 4 million yuan, 20 million yuan, 40 million yuan... The company's sales increased at a rate of double, and approached the breakeven point step by step.
  In March 2011, Jiangfeng ushered in a major turnaround - Japan's major semiconductor and target factories were shut down due to the earthquake. International companies in urgent need of target materials have come to our door to ask for more orders, Jiangfeng Electronics day and night overtime, still in short supply.
  As a result of outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation, Yao Lijun successively won the honors of "Top Ten Wind and Cloud Businessmen 2009", "Excellent Returnees from Ningbo City", "Outstanding Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award of 100 Chinese Overseas Chinese in 2009" and was selected as a high-level overseas returned entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the "1000 People Plan" of the Central Division. Yao Lijun was appraised by the working group on the introduction of overseas high-level talents of the National "Thousand People Plan" as "making a special contribution to the localization of sputtering target materials for VLSI manufacturing."
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