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Cobalt base

Product name:CoFe Target

CoFe Target

      CoFe Target, Purity 99.9%

      Composition: CoFe(90/10 at%)、CoFe(10/90 at%)  or to be customized
    Specification:Round or Rectangular target or To customer’s specification

  Typical Properties
  Surface Finish               <= 0.8um
  Surface Flatness              <=0.1mm
  Tolerance                    ±0.20mm

  Manufacturing Process
  ●Processed by vacuum induction melting, rolling and machining. Clean with ultrasonic               cleaning equipment and vacuum sealed.

       Storage & Handling
  ●Should be stored in dry environment, in its original vacuum packaging, at room                          temperature.

       Note: 1. Metallic elements were analyzed using GDMS
  2. Gas elements were analyzed using LECO
  3. Major elements were analyzed using ICP

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