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Evaporation Materials

Product name:High Purity Vanadium

High Purity Vanadium
Allied Advanced Materials,Hunan alloy target sales,Nonferrous metal alloy

  Purity  ≥99.95%
  ●V Pellets:10 x 10 x 2mm
  ●V Crucible:Φ39(top) /Φ45(bottom) x 22mm
  ●To customer’s specification
  Materials Properties
  ●We have superior raw material suppliers. Our Quality System ensures us that all materials be undergone strict inspection, each batch must be sampled, analyzed and qualified before production.
  Manufacturing Process
  ●Processed from vacuum melting, forging,rolling,cutting and polishing. Clean with ultrasonic cleaning equipment and sealed.
  Typical Element Analysis(Purity≥3N5)

Elements Max ppm, wt Elements Max ppm, wt Method of Analysis
Si <40 Fe < 50 GDMS
Al < 100 Cr <20 GDMS
O < 250 C < 100 LECO
N <60 S < 50 LECO
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